About me.

Hello and welcome! My name is Memory, and I’m a doer and maker, crafter and creator, and a seamstress for hire. I live in Asheville, NC have an amazing husband, and two strong, intelligent, adventurous¬†daughters. Every day, I strive to¬†better myself, find patience, and add a little more beauty and love to the world.

Rhythm Threads will be vending at the West Asheville Tailgate Market on Tuesdays afternoons, from 3:30-6:30, thru November 24th. Located at 718 Haywood Rd., you’ll find a great selection of local produce, freshly baked bread, and grass fed meats, as well as artisan creations from myself and other local crafters. I look forward to seeing you there!

Rhythm Threads is my financial contribution to my family, and my artistic contribution to the world. Started in 2004 as a make-ends-meet venture, it’s blossomed into a fun home based sewing business and crafty way of life.