Snow Spirits

I discovered these “Snow Spirits” last winter, and have had so many people ask how we made them. So, here are easy to follow directions to make these amazing faces!

1. Start by boiling water and setting your favorite tea to steep. Trust me, you’re going to want it when you’re finished.

2. Dress warm! Gloves are a must, and a waterproof jacket is immensely helpful (snow sticks to sweaters!)

3. Find a place with smooth, undisturbed snow at a comfortable level. I’ve found that the hood of a car is perfect.

4. Stand next to your spot, take a deep breath, and make a face. Smile, frown, stick out your tongue, open your mouth into an “O”, puff out your cheeks. Just one at a time though!

5. Next, push that face down into the snow. Now, hold it there for about 8-10 seconds. You’ll feel the snow start to melt around your face.

6. Stand up, and take a picture!

To get the best faces: Wet snow works better than powder. Photo’s come out better when taken at night with a flash, right after the face has been pressed. If you’re making them during the day, do NOT use the flash.

You can go face flat into the snow, or profile. You can wear a hat or not…it’s up to you. Hats look pretty amazing, but so does hair and braids.

Good luck, and I would love to see what your Snow Spirit looks like!

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